ResearchIR | Thermal Analysis Software

A powerful and easy-to-use thermal analysis software for camera system command and control, high speed data recording, real-time or playback analysis, and reporting.


 ResearchIR | Thermal Analysis Software

  • Image Display: Sizable image display with selectable color/grey scale palettes
  • Image Analysis Tools: Multiple analysis tools with user defined settings for detailed data examination
  • Image File Explorer: Quickly save, locate, or open previously stored images or image sequences
  • High Resolution Image Scaling: Multiple image scaling modes with built in histogram display to simplify manual scaling of the image
  • Statistic Table: View detailed image quantitative data for the image analysis tools
  • Temporal Plot: Plots the desired analysis tool result over a period of time or frame number

Download Datasheet:

FLIR ResearchIR Datasheet

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Free Evaluation Downloads:

The best way to really experience the intuitive yet powerful ResearchIR 4 software that is included with FLIR’s R&D/Science Solutions is to try it first hand by downloading and running any one of the Self Viewing Files (SVF) below.

Not familiar with FLIR ResearchIR 4 Self Viewing Files? Self Viewing Files or SVF’s are one of the many great ways to share data that is unique to ResearchIR 4. What happens is our software takes a copy of ResearchIR and wraps it around the dataset, creating a single executable file. You can then distribute that file without any licensing requirements, and the recipient can then open the file and have nearly all the same functionality with that data set as if they owned a copy of ResearchIR 4 and had it installed on their machine. Below is a collection of SVF’s we’ve created for multiple applications using various FLIR R&D/Science thermal cameras.

To get started, simply download one of the SVF’s below and run it on any Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8 computer. We can’t wait for you to get hands on with the new ResearchIR 4 today!

Tutorial Videos (Playlist):