76C2 | Multifunction IO PCI Card

The 76C2 is a Multifunction IO PCI Card. The card contains three independent module slots, each of which can be populated with a function specific module.


76C2 | Multifunction IO PCI Card

  • Single-slot, half-size PCI board
  • Support for three independent, intelligent function modules
  • A variety of I/O and communication modules to choose from
  • Control via PCIe Bus interface
  • FIFO data buffering for A/D, D/A, S/D, and LVDT functions
  • Connections via front panel, rear panel, or both
  • No damage if signals are applied when card is not powered
  • Automatic Background Built-in-Test (BIT) (module dependent)
  • Software Support Kit (SSK) and drivers available
  • Commercial and rugged models
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C commercial, -40°C to +85°C rugged

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Available Functions:

  • 12-Port Ethernet Switch
  • AC Reference Source
  • Analog-to-Digital (A/D)
  • ARINC 429/575 Communications
  • ARM® Cortex™ A9
  • CANBus Communications
  • Digital I/O – Differential Transceiver
  • Digital I/O – TTL/CMOS
  • Digital-to-Analog (D/A)
  • Discrete I/O – Multi-channel, Programmable
  • Freescale™ PowerPC™ QorIQ P2041
  • Intel® Core™ i7
  • LVDT / RVDT Measurement (L/D) (R/D)
  • LVDT / RVDT Simulation (D/L) (D/R)
  • MIL-STD-1553B – Single/Dual/Quad Channel, Dual Redundant
  • Relay
  • Resistance Temperature Detector (Measurement)
  • Serial Communications
  • Strain Gage Measurement
  • Synchro / Resolver Measurement (S/D) (R/D)
  • Synchro / Resolver Simulation (D/S) (D/R)
  • Thermocouple Measurement


Additional Information:

NAI’s 76C2 is a PCI/PCIe Multi-function I/O and Communication Board with three independent function module slots that can be configured with a variety of I/O and communication functions. Additional enhancements include FIFO data buffering for select modules. Using multiple DSPs, the enhanced motherboard enables higher processing power and dedicated pre-processing control for each module.

By eliminating the need for multiple, specialized, single-function boards, this unique design increases packaging density, saves enclosure slots, and reduces power consumption. The 76C2, a low-power/high-performance board, is ideally suited for rugged defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

Pre-existing, fully-tested functions can be quickly and easily combined in an unlimited number of ways. Each I/O function has dedicated processing, unburdening the system Single Board Computer (SBC) from unnecessary data management overhead.

The 76C2 includes Software Support Kits (SSKs) for multiple operating systems. In addition, SSKs are supplied with source code and board-specific library I/O APIs to facilitate system integration.