TCP-AS | Airborne Time Code Processor

Brandywine’s Airborne Time Code Processor (TCP-AS). This extremely accurate and robust instrument can be synchronized to a variety of external time sources and is a source of IRIG-B, GPS-Have Quick, NTP or IEEE 1588 time code.


TCP-AS | Airborne Time Code Processor

  • Flight Qualified
  • Support for IEEE-1588 and GPS Havequick II I/O
  • Input IEEE-1588 and Convert to IRIG A/B
  • Tested to MIL-STD 810F and 461E CE102 and RE 102

Hardware Datasheet:

Brandywine TCP-AS | Airborne Time Code Processor

Additional Information:

Time Code Source
IRIG and GPS Have Quick II time code generator
NTP Server and IEEE-1588 Master options
Time Mark Output UTC / GPS
Jam-Sync Jam-sync to IRIG-B, GPS HQ, GPS receiver
Power 9 to 36 V DC, 1.5 W
Power Backup Internal clock backed up by Super-Cap
RS-232 Port NMEA message output
USB Interface Configuration using a PC
Time Offset +/-12 hours with 1 second resolution
Digital I/O 5 configurable digital input output pins
GPS Receiver [option] 16 channel internal GPS receiver with external active antenna
GPS Lock Indicator GPS lock output
Galileo Galileo capable with firmware upgrade
Video Insertion [option] 2 and 4 channel Video Inserter [PAL and NTSC]
Battery [option] Li-Ion Battery Power option
Super Capacitor Power option