VSC/900 | Universal Video Format Converter

The VSC/900 provides video scan conversion from any video input format to any video output format up to 2K by 2K.  The unit also supports stroke (vector) video signals.


VSC/900 | Universal Video Format Converter

  • Multi-format scan conversion
  • Input/Output resolutions up to 2K x 2K
  • Full range of analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • Mix and synchronize different video standards
  • Optional: Video-over-IP; H.264 Video Compression w/ MPEG-2 compliant TS multiplexing
  • Fully configurable network interface
  • Front Panel, or command line control (RS-232 or Ethernet)
  • 1RU Package
  • +10ºC to +71ºC Operation

Download Datasheet:

Delta Digital Video VSC/900 Datasheet

Additional Information:

The Model VSC/900 provides scan conversion and mixing for any video input signals. The unit’s capabilities include conversion of any input to any output format up to 2K x 2K. In addition to operating with VESA, HD and SD signals, the unit provides conversion and mixing of stroke (vector) video signals.

The VSC/900 has an integrated mixer/keyer for combining computer graphics and video. An optional video encoder can be included to provide video-over-IP functionality. This is an H.264 AVC encoder providing an MPEG-2 compliant transport stream over a fully configurable IP network.

The unit is a 1RU package with a front panel control interface. The rear panel provides a full range of analog and digital inputs and outputs including HD-SDI, DVI, composite and vector signals.