ENET-A429 | ARINC-429 Ethernet Converter

The ENET-A429 is an ARINC-429 to Ethernet Converter used for remote access to avionics interfaces by using Ethernet based devices.


ENET-A429 | ARINC-429 Ethernet Converter

  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet up to 8 ARINC Channels
  • 4 Channels RX or TX; 4 RX Only Channels
  • Thin-Server, Real-Time UDP Ethernet to/from ARINC **
  • Remote ARINC Devices on the LAN
  • Auto RX Mode for ARINC Ethernet Bridging
  • 5-30 VDC, 300-900 mAmp max/300-700 mAmp typical – small size!!
  • 200g Weight, POE Optional
  • Ideal for Lab or Rugged Deployed Applications
  • IRIG-B RX Decode, PPS, Triggers, Discretes

Hardware Datasheet:

Alta Data ENET A429 Datasheet

Bus Analyzer Datasheet:

Alta Data AltaView Datasheet

Software API Datasheet:

Alta Data AltaAPI Datasheet

Additional Information:

eNet-A429™ is an innovative product that provides “remoting” of ARINC operations on 10/100/1000 Ethernet IP/UDP local area networks (LAN). eNet-429 is a small, low-power, rugged device that provides connectivity for 1-8 ARINC 429/575/573/717 Channels – Ideal for remoting ARINC connections for in-field applications or point-point lab usage.

Alta has combined the industry’s most advanced 32-bit ARINC FPGA protocol engine, AltaCore™, with a real-time IP/UDP thin server. The customer can implement their application with the same feature-rich application programming interface, AltaAPI™, as used with standard cards – often without even recompiling – the ultimate in code portability.