NLINE-E1553 | In-Line MIL-STD-1553 Ethernet Converter

We’ve embedded our industry-leading AltaCore-1553 protocol engine technology directly into a rugged, MIL-810G/461F cable assembly.


NLINE-E1553 | In-Line MIL-STD-1553 Ethernet Converter

  • 1-2 Full Featured, Dual Redundant MIL-STD-1553 Channels
  • Auto-Bridge 1553 BM Messages to UDP Ethernet without Programming
  • 6 RX Avionics Discretes for General Use or 1760 RT Addressing
  • MIL-810G Shock/Vibe/Temp, 810-512.6 Water Immersion, and MIL-461F EMC Test Reports
  • 5-32 VDC, 500-1500 mAmp 5V typical. 6W max with 2 channels 100% TX. Conditioned Power Required.
  • Commercial or Ext Temp (-40 to +85C) Parts Available
  • Signal Capture for Cable/Security Testing on First Channel
  • Optional Standard Cable Assemblies, and Custom (e.g. 38999) Assemblies Available
  • SAE AS4111 5.2 RT Validation Tested – Report Available
  • Dual (BC/BM or mRT/BM) and Full (BC, mRT and BM) Function Models Available
  • Same AltaAPI SDK Development – Standard Socket Interface for Maximum Portability to Almost Any OS

Hardware Datasheet:

Alta Data NLINE-E1553 Datasheet

Bus Analyzer Datasheet:

Alta Data AltaView Datasheet

Software API Datasheet:

Alta Data AltaAPI Datasheet

Additional Information:

An amazing, small, rugged, In-Line 1553 Ethernet Converter: NLINE-E1553(tm). We’ve embedded our industry-leading AltaCore-1553 protocol engine technology directly into a rugged, MIL-810G/461F cable assembly. Programming of the device is just like any other Alta product with all the advanced BC, RT and BM Controls, and simplified programming using the AltaAPI software development kit – you can even run your existing application without re-compile, just as with ENET products. Real-Time 1553-Ethernet conversion (<20 uSec) and even auto 1553 BM to Ethernet without any programming (auto 1553 to UDP conversion).

Almost every avionics or communication system implements an Ethernet topology, but most 1553 Ethernet converter products are processor/Linux based with unsecure IP network stacks that greatly slow down Ethernet communications. ENET and NLINE designs are FPGA hardware-based UDP thin servers that provide real-time Ethernet/1553 bridging/conversion, reducing threats of viruses or internal hacking. These products provide all the advanced controls of traditional 1553 interfaces, and can simultaneously auto bridge time-stamped 1553 UDP packets without any programming. There is a fast auto-boot feature where 1553 and MIL-1760 RX controls can be managed through standard socket communications as implemented in almost every OS, even DO-178 compliant systems.

On the computer side, are rugged, over-molded RJ-45 Ethernet and USB plug power connectors. On the 1553 side, is a quick disconnect Lemo connector with optional 1553 jack connector (BJ77) cable assemblies (for 1 or 2 channels and optional DB15 for triggers, avionics RX discretes, IRIG RX, etc…). See Part Numbers tab for optional cable part numbers. See below for example cabling. The product is designed to accommodate various connectors for your custom requirements – contact Alta for details.