AltaView | MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429 Bus Analyzer

Alta’s avionics analyzer product, AltaView, provides the most modern technologies for MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC-429 data analysis and recording.


AltaView | 1553 and ARINC Bus Analyzer

  • Intuitive Look-and-Feel Design Using the Microsoft Office 2007 User Interface Style
  • Seamless Multi Protocol (1553 and ARINC) Support
  • Only Analyzer with Hardware Signal Viewing!
  • XML Setup Files with Schema – Easily Import and Change ICD Setup & EU Data Information
  • Comprehensive View of Bus Activity, Error Detection and Traffic/Loading Statistics
  • Full Data Archiving to Hard Disk with Filter and ASCII Conversion Utilities
  • Full Monitor, BC, RT, RX/TX ARINC and Playback Operations
  • Error Injection/Detection Capability
  • Independent Channel Operations – Run AltaView on one channel while running your application on another channel
  • LAN Capability – Run on the data Server and View/Control from LAN Client
  • IRIG-B and Ext Clock Synchronization for Time Stamps and Playback
  • Excellent Documentation with 1553/ARINC Standard References and XML Setup Files
  • AltaView Full Functionality is Purchased
    • Basic BM/RX and BC/TX Functions are Provided at No Cost

Download Datasheet:

Alta Data AltaView Datasheet

MIL-STD-1553 Applications:

Alta Data AltaView for MIL-STD-1553

ARINC-429 Applications:

Alta Data AltaView for ARINC-429

Additional Information:

Key Real-Time Bus Monitor/ARINC RX Features

Auto Discovery and Sorting of of Network/Bus Traffic & ARINC Labels

  • Real-Time Displays of Data/Packets. Multi Windows of Real-TIme Displays
  • EU Data & Equipment ID Tables for System Parameters. 1-N Tabs of Multi Parameters.
  • Signal Capture of First 1553 Channel and First 2 ARINC RX Channels – Industry First for Standard Cards! (Not on PMC-1553 or PC104P-1553 Cards)

Full XML Interface for Setup, ICD and ARINC Equipment Labels!

More Key Bus Monitor (BM) and ARINC RX Features

  • Full Archiving and Snapshot Monitoring with Filters and Triggers Events
  • Powerful Search and Filter Tool. Quickly find Simple or Complex Protocol, Data, Error or Time Events. Use Search tool to Filter Events and Convert to ASCII (Mon or CSV) File
  • Statistical Counters for All Major1553 Protocol Level and Error Events
  • ARINC RX Data Tables, Period Time Displays and Label EU Decode from XML File (Industry First!)

Complete MIL-STD-1553 Bus Controller (BC) and ARINC-429 TX Functions

  • Full Frequency/Framing Control
  • Multiple Message and Label Lists. Multi Data Buffers and Labels per Transmissions.
  • Full Error Injection and ARINC Transmission Control (Bit Rates, Encoding, Parity, etc..)
  • ARINC TX Label EU Selection from XML File Definitions.

Easy to Setup MIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal (RT) Functions

  • Simulate all RTs with Data Wrap with Two Key Clicks!
  • Define Individual RT SA Multi Buffers. Full Legalization to Word Count Level.
  • Complete Error Injection Controls